An Open Letter to Hoover’s Employees

Many of you joined Hoovers with a mission to change the world, and you did just that in the late 90’s. However, in recent years your parent company has not fostered that original spirit.  Consequently, innovation and market leadership have been replaced by layoffs and business stagnation.

Meanwhile, at InsideView we have continued to invest in our products and our people, growing our business at over 100% year-over-year.  To keep up with our rapid growth, we need to find the most passionate, competent and innovative employees.  I believe that many of you fit that bill, and I’m writing this open letter to invite you to join InsideView. You will find a fun, vibrant environment with very bright people, and an open culture that fosters collaboration and innovation.

We are passionate about our products and our customers.  Last month’s announcement made it clear to me that D&B has given up on Hoover’s in the critically important sales & marketing ecosystem, and that customers will need to look elsewhere to find sophisticated sales intelligence. I believe most of them will decide that InsideView is their best path to productivity, joining scores of Hoover’s customers that have already chosen to switch to InsideView.

We are looking for talent in every part of our business and in several locations.  The positions include Sales, Customer Success, Marketing, and Content. Locations are in the field, at our San Francisco headquarters, and for our soon-to-be-opened Austin office (I love Austin’s entrepreneurial culture, and I see the opportunity for Austin to become a main hub for InsideView).

If you have a passion for innovation, customer success and are looking for a vibrant work environment, please email us at for a confidential conversation. We’d also be glad to have you talk to any of the ex-Hoover’s employees who now work at InsideView, where they have found new opportunities to grow and delight customers.

We have just begun in delivering our vision, one where customer intelligence makes all customer-facing employees dramatically more productive. If you share my passion, we’d love to talk to you.

Umberto Milletti

CEO & Founder, InsideView

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5 Responses to An Open Letter to Hoover’s Employees

  1. That’s a ballsy post, which I appreciate!

  2. Dominic says:

    If you ask me it’s a rather slimy move and utterly tasteless. Your probably also teach your sales reps to bash your competition while talking to customers.

  3. Umberto’s not messing around with this hiring pitch to Hoover’s employees. What do you think? Would your CEO call out your biggest competitor the same way?

  4. Bada** move, Umberto. I love it. Customers have known this for years. Hopefully the good people working at Hoover’s get the message and jump off that sinking ship.

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