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We all have a little Steve Jobs inside us

I don’t think I can add anything to what has been said about Steve Jobs’ life. It is clear that he was a unique genius, and that his passing leaves a void in our world. He was a man of … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to Hoover’s Employees

Many of you joined Hoovers with a mission to change the world, and you did just that in the late 90’s. However, in recent years your parent company has not fostered that original spirit.  Consequently, innovation and market leadership have … Continue reading

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This morning announced the much-awaited brand. This announcement signals the recognition by one of the world’s most important workflow automation (SFA, CRM) vendors that, by itself, workflow automation cannot deliver the full ROI that B2B companies are expecting. … Continue reading

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My Thoughts on All About The Cloud

For those who missed it, a brief recap of the cloud marketing panel this morning at All About the Cloud – I joined Marketo CEO Phil Fernandez, Joe Payne, CEO of Eloqua, and Appirio CMO Narinder Singh, for a discussion … Continue reading

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B2Bs need to increase their social intelligence

Social technologies are breeding a new type of savvy marketing pro, tasked with reaching a more fragmented audience of customers, prospects and brand influencers than ever before. While B2C marketers have started to significantly crack the code, established B2B companies … Continue reading

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Why Sales Is Still Missing From Social CRM

We’ve all heard the stories about the big deals closed on the golf course or at the steakhouse, but these tales are starting to belong more in episodes of Mad Men than in today’s business environment. Today’s sales professionals operate … Continue reading

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Last week Microsoft asked me to be on the keynote panel for their Canadian launch of Dynamics CRM 2011 (#CRM2011TO). Marcel LeBrun, the CEO of Radian6, had a last-minute conflict for this event, which took place yesterday in Toronto, and … Continue reading

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